Hola. I am a

creative director
based in BCN



Unleashing Boundless Imagination: Embracing Creativity and the Freedom to Create in a World of Infinite Possibilities and Endless Expression.

As an experienced Creative Director, I showcase robust leadership skills in managing workgroups. My extensive background includes adept handling of client and company interactions, reflecting a high level of proficiency.


Best projects

Festival Mil.lenni | BCN

Creative Direction | Art Direction | Graphic Design | Web Design

Festival Cap Roig | Girona

Creative Direction | Art Direction | Graphic Design



Festival "Únicas" | BCN & MAD

Creative Direction | Art Direction | Graphic Design

La Usina del Arte | BUE

Director of Image and Communication


Creative Direction | Branding | Graphic Design | Web Design


Art Direction | Graphic Design | Photography


What I am awesome at

With a robust background spanning over two decades in the industry, I bring a wealth of knowledge and a proven track record of success. Having honed my skills over the years, I am well-equipped to contribute effectively to your project, leveraging the experience gained throughout my extensive career. Let’s collaborate to make your venture a resounding success, drawing upon my comprehensive know-how and commitment to excellence. 

Art director

An Art Director oversees visual aspects, ensuring alignment with the project's vision. They guide creative teams, maintain visual consistency, and play a key role in bringing concepts to life.

Visual identity

Visual identity" refers to the consistent and recognizable visual elements, such as logos, colors, and design, that represent and distinguish a brand or entity across various mediums.

Brand experience

Brand experience is the collective sentiment individuals develop towards a brand through their interactions. Encompassing every touchpoint, it significantly shapes perceptions, fostering a meaningful and enduring connection between the audience and the brand.

Web Design

Web design involves strategically arranging visual elements on a website to create an engaging and user-friendly experience, considering aesthetics, functionality, and ease of use.


I am proud to work with some of the best clients

"Juan embodies everything expected of a professional, especially in Communication and Image, with all the letters. His excellent treatment and closeness to the client make the results exceed any expectation without surprises. A natural transformer, everything reaches a higher level... Pure vision, aesthetic sense with a clear understanding of cost vs. results. In our case, VAV Group, his collaboration not only made a difference but continues to be crucial for our positioning and consolidation."
Paco Herrero
Advisor | Business Development

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